Frequently asked questions

How do I order?

You can order online through our shop or email us with what you need.

What is a conscious meat-eater?

Over the past few decades the availability of cheap meat and increased availability created a disconnect between people and the food chain. While we all would like to think our meat appears magically in the store or on our plate the truth is there are farms and animals attached to our consumption. Conscious meat-eaters are those who understand the connection between how our food is grown and processed and how it ends up on our plate. We believe more and more people are moving toward eating less but better quality meat.

Where do you process your animals?

We use a boutique processor based in Millen, Georgia. By using a small local processor we can be sure our animals are not stressed and are well cared for. We can also be 100% certain that our beef is our beef. There is zero chance our beef is mixed with other processings.